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Information about the website pulsen.se

About the website pulsen.se

Pulsen.se is the website for Pulsen Group. Under the domain are also hosted the independent websites pulsen.se/integration and pulsen.se/omsorg.

The information below relates to the website you are currently visiting.


Our websites and newsletters are owned and maintained by Pulsen Group, with the mother company Pulsen AB, Box 881, 501 15 Borås, Sweden.

Our aim is the keep all information published in our channels as correct and updated as possible. However, errors and/or information that is out of date may occur in some cases. If in doubt as to the correctness of a piece of information found on this website, please contact your connection at Pulsen.

Should you find errors or non-functional links on our website, we would be very happy if you would let us know via e-mail to event@pulsen.se.

All material on Pulsen's websites are copyright Pulsen AB, unless otherwise stated. That means that all texts, articles, brands, imagery and videos may be protected as intellectual property. Please contact the marketing department at Pulsen AB if you have questions regarding use or republication of any material found on this website.

Are you missing something?

Our webiste has recently been rebuilt. We hope you like it by the way? Things sometimes gets lost when you move. If you are missing something you feel should be on the website, or if something seems incorrect, please let us know via e-mail to event@pulsen.se.

Have you found a security flaw on pulsen.se?

In the unlikely event that you should fins a security flaw on our website we would very much like it if you reported that to us as soon as possible so that we can fix it. That way you are not only helping us out, but you are also helping everyone whose data is processed in services and systems.