The Pulsen Group consists of independent and innovative companies that work proactively and inquisitively.

Companies in the Pulsen Group

  • Astern combines food craft, sustainability, digital solution and professional conference services to create excellent meeting experiences.
  • Grundéns help fishermen, both professional and recreational face any condition on waters across the globe.
  • Hjältevadshus creates turnkey homes using the safest building method in Sweden, rooted in innovation and deep understanding of peoples' daily lives.
  • A digital business studio with a larger viewpoint
  • Indicate me develops user-friendly web services that increase efficiency and improve quality in customer service.
  • Pedab turns ideas into intelligent IT solutions that secure, digitize and AI-enable businesses.
  • Aims to be the leading supplier in the Nordics of secure and integrated flows of digital information.
  • Pulsen Omsorg digitizes the welfare of tomorrow and offers digital solutions that aid human interaction.
  • Pulsen Real Estate creates and maintains creative and inspiring spaces for tenants, offices, industries and warehouses.
  • Pulsen Asset Management adheres to Pulsen's mantra that value us created through long-term commitment.
  • Making robotic automation easier, faster, cheaper and more accessible.
  • Releasy offers outsourced customer services with high competence levels and innovative technology.
  • Experts in solutions for business critical IT operations - data storage in Sweden, cloud services, support, application services and more.